3 Awesome Tattoo Styles for Women This 2019!

Photo by Lucas Lima from Pexels

Tattoo-related stigmas are slowly fading away. What was once frowned upon by society is now being looked at as a modern form of art; an extension of one’s creativity, if you will. Because of this, countless people are sporting custom tattoo designs in cities such as Manchester, NH to express their personalities in an artistic manner. And yes, that includes women. You see, gone are the days where tattoos are seen solely as a masculine feature. In fact, there are various designs that suit females a lot more than their male counterparts.

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Let’s Talk About Polynesian Tattoos

In today’s generation, people can find tattoo artists who offer all kinds of tattoo designs in cities like Manchester, NH. This is primarily because of the fact that, nowadays, it has come to be accepted by society as a way to express one’s self. Some would even call it an art form that should be appreciated by people. And why not? Tattoos are not mere forms of scribbles and senseless designs. Rather, these are pieces of body art that each have a story and meaning behind it. In fact, some even have a rich heritage that dates back to centuries and is embedded in the culture they originated from. A great example of this would be the Polynesian Tattoo.

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Introduction to Irezumi Tattoo

Did you know that a lot of contemporary tattoo designs — even in places as far as Manchester, NH — are actually based from some much older and much more traditional forms of ink art?  One of those is Irezumi or the traditional way of Japanese tattooing. Due to its colorful designs and powerful motifs, Irezumi continues to be popular among many, especially to non-Japanese folks.

Now, to understand why that came to be, we have to look at both the elements and the history of this tattooing method:

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