We Sell The Dopest Clothing Line and Accessories, Organic Soda, and Vaping Products that Manchester, NH has to offer!

Quality vaping products. Healthy organic sodas. Stylish clothing line and accessories. Would you want to add these badass merchandise to your collection of memorabilia and personal effects? If you do, then you are in luck! Why? With NH Custom Tattoo, you can enjoy all of these badass merchandise as you get your skin inked by the best tattoo artist in Manchester, NH today!


Starting off with one of our best sellers, our vaping goods will surely help you kick that smoking habit out of your system. As a great alternative to cigarettes, vape units will provide you with the same hit, but without the hazardous chemicals that come with tobacco products. This means that you will be able to achieve that same satisfaction without filling your lungs with tar and nicotine.

Now, we all know that cigarettes are addictive and it would be difficult for anyone to quit an unhealthy lifestyle that they have grown accustomed to. But with our American-made vape pens and e-cigarettes, you wouldn’t have to go through that tough ordeal as you slowly eliminate that dangerous habit. Through our merchandise, not only would you be able to save more money, but you would also get to live a healthier lifestyle as well!



If you already own a unit, then NH Custom Tattoo can also provide you with modifications that will ensure a better vaping experience! These specialized parts are designed and built to withstand continuous vaping, as well as to offer you with more safety as you blow vapors into the atmosphere. With that in mind, check out our arsenal of modifications:

  • Tanks, for added vape juice capacity
  • Atomizers and Vaporizers
  • Pods and Box Type Mods
  • Drip Tips, to cool your lips
  • Cottons, that will never push your buttons
  • Coils, that will make that vape juice boil
  • Casings, Batteries, and other accessories

Aside from providing these specialized add-ons, we also sell a comprehensive repair kit that you can use in fixing your unit.


Of course, you cannot have a vape unit without a matching bottle of vape juice. After all, this is the good stuff that puts the “chase” in cloud chase. And here at NH Custom Tattoo, we can provide you with a multitude of high-quality vape juice made by popular brands such as VAPEGOONS and SALT BAE. Considered to be the local favorites in the city of Manchester, the sheer flavor of these goods will make your eyes pop and jaws drop!

Aside from these wonderful flavors, we also offer CBD oils that can be used for vaping. Developed by GREEN ROADS CBD, these special types of vape juice are intended to be medical alternatives for a variety of diseases. These include anxiety, arthritis, eating disorders, sleeping disorders, and many more. Because of its properties, it can provide you a safe yet luxurious tattoo experience, as well as to help you get through tough times in your daily life.


And the rage doesn't stop there — because we also supply organic soda! Proudly made in Manchester, New Hampshire, these drinks are crafted with all natural extracts and no preservatives. So, we put them out there through local grocery shops, gas stations, and other establishments for everyone in the area to get a taste of true fizzy refreshments. But if you think that’s our sole purpose, guess again! We also aim to promote self expression, artistry, and freedom throughout the area. How can sodas do that? Well, the bottles themselves are designed to serve as fine pieces of art that encourage those ideals. So that makes our sodas all the more awesome.

Our sodas come in 7 awesome varieties:

  • Olde School Raspberry Lime
  • Olde School Root Beer
  • Killer Strawberry
  • Olde School Black Cherry Bite
  • Olde School Citrus Drink
  • Grape
  • Soda Water

All our sodas are made with tons of pure quality sugar — no artificial sweeteners or chemicals, just pure organic enjoyment from your first sip to the last gulp. That means our goods help boost happy hormones, attentiveness, and adrenaline in the most natural way.

And as a special treat, we also offer 4-pack sodas just for you. Quadruple the drink, quadruple the excitement! So if you’re getting inked, have a soda. In the process of getting a new piercing? Have a soda. Experiencing a pretty bad day? Have our awesome soda!

Collect the 7 flavors to get all custom designs. Buy a drink, and you get to support not only us but also the entire business economy of the locale!


To continue our tradition of promoting self-expression to people everywhere, NH Custom Tattoo also has a custom-designed clothing line that’s crafted locally, here in New Hampshire! We know you’ll find the best-suited clothing for you, with all sizes made available and all fabrics used being nothing less than ultra soft and comfortable.

But wait, it gets better! Just like the case for our other merch, you’ll be stoked to know that we also put our clothing lines in general circulation through local shops. After all, accessibility is key for more growth and better awareness.

So, pick your poison by checking out these different clothing styles:

  • T-Shirts
  • Bandanas
  • Hats
  • Tank tops
  • Hoodies
  • Long Sleeves
  • Leggings
  • Beanies

Our designs are unique and limited, which makes our customers stand out from the rest of the crowd. Because of this, our clothing are highly sought after by people all over, meaning that our supplies run out fast. So, tune in for updates because we release new merch when you least expect it and you might lose the race if you don’t stand fast! Who knows, you could spot a new design that perfectly fits into your clothing collection.

And if you have any suggestions or ideas that you want to see, feel free to contact us because we are always willing to give our customers what they want.


Now, we understand that everybody loves great deals and reasonable prices. After all, what makes awesome products even better other than getting them at a more affordable cost? That’s why here at NH Custom Tattoo, we also give back to our customers through discounts, packages, and freebies. Check out our offers below and let our fine deals paint a smile on your face:

  • For our vaping gear, we offer discount offers and bundle packages..
  • For our all-natural sodas, we do discounts on bulk or wholesale orders.
  • And of course, since we sell our clothing line through other shops, we sell them by bulk. Not only that, we also offer discounts and promos for our custom-made apparel.

Aside from these hot deals, we also give away these stupendous freebies whenever you book a 7-hour tattoo session with us:

  • Free soda
  • Free choice of clothing
  • Free aftercare for the tattoo

So, stay tuned at our website for updates regarding our discounts, packages, and freebies. And if you have any inquiries about our great deals, don’t hesitate to give us a call!

Of course, the fun doesn’t stop at cloud chasing gear, organic brews, fabulously-designed pieces of clothing, and great deals involving them. Why? Because we still have a lot to offer! Aside from our best sellers, NH Custom Tattoo also provides a wide variety of other items and accessories that can fill your heart’s desire. These include the following:

  • Stickers/Slaps
  • Belt Buckles
  • Bottle Openers
  • Earrings, Nose Rings, Medallions, Jewelry, Body Piercings
  • Rubber Bracelets
  • Mixers for Adult Drinks
  • Edibles
  • And many more!

With all of these vaping products, organic drinks, custom clothing lines, and more, it would be hard for anybody to say no to what we’re offering. So, don’t miss out on the fun and don’t cheat yourself! Treat yourself by visiting NH Custom Tattoo today at 1338 Hooksett Road (rt28), Manchester, NH to see our badass merchandise up close and personal. And if you’re thinking about retailing our stuff, hit us up today by calling 603-833-3458 or emailing us at rorkiteer34@gmail.com. We are always willing to accommodate our customers, as well as to talk about business!

Go from ordinary to EXTRAORDINARY, only with NH Custom Tattoo!