Our Services: Custom Body Tattoo in Manchester, NH and More!

Looking for an artist who can give you an awesome custom tattoo in the city of Manchester? Look no further than NH Custom Tattoo! As a widely known tattoo parlor in New Hamphshire and the state of Massachusets, we provide our clients with top-notch creative artworks and safe piercings. With us, you will be able to experience the rush of excitement crawling up your veins as we create art on your body!

Along with clean, sterilized materials and maintained facilities, NH Custom Tattoo offers safe services that cater to the artistic nature of our customers. Starting off with our namesake, we provide our clients with a wide catalog of custom tattoo designs to choose from which include freehand, original artwork, where we can takes your dreams to reality. Specializing in photorealistic portraits, these include, New School Color, Japanese, Biomech, Freehand, and Black & White tattoos that flow with your body. Aside from this, we also offer high-quality and safe piercing services. With these different offers, you will get to express your creativity and personality through a gorgeous custom artwork inked on your skin.

Get big tattoos with little money. Take advantage of the unique NH Custom Tattoo all day tattoo buffet, where you can get tattoos as much as you want all day! We even offer interest-free layaway payments. That way, you can get tattoos in luxury and comfort without worrying about the price. Why limit yourself to tattoos that don’t fit right and you’d regret in 20 or so years? With our all day tattoo buffet, you can get the most amazing tattoo artwork on your body that screams its existence as loud as Godzilla tearing down Tokyo! If there’s anything that we know, it’s making turning the ordinary to extraordinary. NH Custom Tattoo ensures results that will last you way longer and make you outshine the rest! Don’t cheat yourself, treat yourself, because you deserve it.

Deposit, cash or PayPal, consultation first before they make a tattoo appointment. We care about why you want your tattoo. We want to know your story of getting your tattoo. Appointment will be based on the availability of the artist and the people. Get your own custom tattoo in Manchester today!

Interested in getting that ink that you’ve always wanted? Contact us by using the information found on this page. We would recommend you sit down with our artists first so you can relay what you want in your tattoo and help them understand your purpose for getting it. We would require down payment to secure your session with us. Don’t fret, because by the time we’re done, you’ll be glad you took the leap!

Set an appointment with NH Custom Tattoo today! Call 603-833-3458. DM NH Custom Tattoo on Instagram and Facebook. Like, comment, and share us on social media so you can get a chance to win our wicked prices, such as tattoo gift certificates and free merch! Partner with us and get inspired, only here at NH Custom Tattoo.