3 Awesome Tattoo Styles for Women This 2019!

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Tattoo-related stigmas are slowly fading away. What was once frowned upon by society is now being looked at as a modern form of art; an extension of one’s creativity, if you will. Because of this, countless people are sporting custom tattoo designs in cities such as Manchester, NH to express their personalities in an artistic manner. And yes, that includes women. You see, gone are the days where tattoos are seen solely as a masculine feature. In fact, there are various designs that suit females a lot more than their male counterparts.

With that said, if you’re one to look for tattoo designs for women, then 2019 is the quintessential year for you to get one. And if you’re having some troubles with choosing a design or style that would perfectly fit your personality, here are 3 awesome tattoo ideas for women you can choose from:

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Small, Minimalist Tattoos

Are you a believer of the saying “simple is better”? If you are, then getting a small tattoo would be a good option for you. Intended to be unnoticeable, this style is ideal for ladies who want to keep their ink discreet as it would only occupy a small portion of the skin. Now, small tattoos are not restricted to lines and shapes, nor are they limited to black ink. In fact, it can be any design that you want. May it be a cross to symbolize your faith or a word that has a special meaning, you can trust your local tattoo artist to provide you with the style of tattoos that you desire. Subtle, yet elegant.

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Sleeve Tattoos

Are you the type of lady who wants to go all out with your body art? If you are, then you might want to opt for a sleeve tattoo. Highly popular in cities such as Manchester, this style is made out of a single continuous pattern that covers one’s whole arm. Since it occupies a significant portion of the skin, a sleeve tattoo provides you with more room for multiple designs. For example, you can combine a line from your favorite song with floral patterns without compromising its overall theme. A great choice for women who have an affinity for flamboyance.

Sugar Skull by Tony Alter under Commercial use & mods license

Skull Tattoos

Now, if you want something that is subtle but flamboyant in every sense, then a skull tattoo would be a good tattoo for you. This style is currently enjoying an increase in popularity because of one particular design — the Mexican-style Sugar Skull. What does this body art look like? Well, it’s a skull that has been adorned with various designs ranging from floral patterns to curved lines. The best part about it is that you can put in anywhere on your body, may it be on your arm for everyone to see or on your back to keep it hidden from the public eye. Essentially,  this style captures femininity in an awesomely creative manner.

These are just some of the many female tattoo designs and concepts that you can opt for this 2019. Of course, it’s all about what you want and what suits your artistic needs. All you have to remember is to look for the best tattoo artist in your area who can incorporate your character into art that everyone in your circle can appreciate.

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