Tattoo Aftercare

Just Got Inked? Here Are Some Tattoo Treatment and Aftercare Tips We Highly Recommend:

Keeping the tattoo clean and dry is important. 2 hours after getting inked, clean it with hot water and anti-bacterial soap. Firmly pat the skin dry and apply pressure to the wound.

Before you go to bed, wear clothing that is clean to prevent it from acquiring any cross contaminants on the wound.

You might be tempted to show it off and go about your day and not give your tattoo the attention that it needs anymore...DON’T. Being impatient won’t do your tattoo any good. If you just can't help it, then take a shot of your ink, post it on social media, and tag us on your post!

Right after getting inked, your skin would react to the inflicted wounds. And if you are going outside with a tank top, make sure to apply Tattoo Goo moisturizer or sunscreen only after it has healed to your tattoo to avoid dehydrating it.

It is normal to see your tattooed skin swell and start to peel off. But before you decide to strip it off, better think twice! Use an unscented lotion to moisturize the skin; otherwise, you’ll risk the possibility of infecting the wound and damaging your fresh tattoo.

Do not do extraneous tasks that will make you sweat as it will contaminate the wound. it‘s also not advisable to exercise as it causes the wound to bleed as a result of constant movement and increased heart rate.

Avoid bathing for long periods of time within the next two weeks. While it is advisable to keep yourself as clean as possible after getting your tattoo, it is not recommended to shower for long periods of time. After bathing, pat your tattoo dry and let it air out.

Listen to the artist’s advice! Only your artist knows the materials that he or she used for your tattoo and by extension, how it reacts with certain recovery methods. So if your artist recommends a certain aftercare method for your tattoo, better follow it!