Sharp And Well-Detailed Biomech Tattoo Options

Biomech tattoos - in Manchester, NH and anywhere else in the world - are considered one of the more radical types of body art out there. Instead of going for the traditional lines, curves, and overall symbolism that other tattoo styles provide, this type of tattoo commands strength and combines technological concepts with a whole lot of guts to properly rock them!

If you’re looking to get inked with a sick Biomech tattoo that you can show off to anyone, Manchester’s definitely the place to be. NH Custom Tattoo provides dope Biomechs tattoos that will make heads turn and the haters hate even more! Our very own master tattoo artist, Jake Custom, has been doing this type of tattoo for years now and there’s no denying the brilliance that comes from him. If you’ve ever seen Biomech ink over the Internet, you could easily see that it takes a keen sense of detail and a lot of patience. So, it’s safe to say that not all artists can deliver the attention to detail that his type demands.

For Jake though, Biomechanical tattoos are what he thrives on. With years of experience working in the tattoo industry, he has acquired the skills and patience to produce mechanical results that would make any tech enthusiast jealous! Check out the Biomech designs he inked on his past clients over on his GALLERY page to see for yourself what you can expect when you partner with NH Custom Tattoo.

For reservations and inquiries, give us a call at 603-833-3458. We’ll set a consultation session with you prior to getting inked. You can also send us a direct message by filling out the form provided for you below.

When people need a checkup, they go to a doctor. If they need someone to get their car fixed, they head to a mechanic. If they need hell-raising Biomech tattoos, they go to Manchester, NH’s best, they go to NH Custom Tattoo.