Black and Gray Tattoos that Redefine Traditional Manchester Ink

More About Black and Gray Tattoos

Black tattoos have been a part of culture for thousands of years. It’s seen as a right of passage for some tribes, indicating their transition from boyhood to adulthood. For some, it’s seen as a ritualistic symbol, portraying experiences of a person during their life. For others, especially nowadays, it’s a way of saying “i am part of a culture that embraces self-expression”. Clearly, such an artform has been and forever will be a part of human civilization. In today’s society, it’s more than just about getting their skin inked in black ink. Nowadays, the reform has been reimagined and made more sophisticated with the introduction of white ink to give the tat that pop and liveliness. Some artists mix white with black to attain what is called black and grey tattoos which is a type of tattoo that adds depth and contrast to the design. For others in the industry, they use both colors separately to give added definition and contrast to their art.

Why get a black and Gray tattoo?

Black and white tattoos are some of the most traditional forms of inking known to man. It’s bold and definitive, timeless and sophisticated, simple yet elegant. And with a true artist at the helm, you’re sure to get your investment’s worth. Our resident artist, Jake Custom, is redefining black and white tattoos with bold designs that capture the canvas’ story. Each detail and stroke is carefully and meticulously done so as to give the design itself that attitude that can never be replicated by any other artist around New Hampshire. Anyone who’s thinking of getting a black and gray tattoo around Manchester is in for a definite inking experience. With a black and white tattoo on your skin, people will be able to see your story, a walking canvas that screams expression and creativity in the most traditional way imaginable. It’s a type of tattoo that makes anyone look back and say “damn”.

Partner with Manchester’s master black and Gray tattoo artist

But again, do take note that a black and white tattoo is only as good as the artist that creates it. Remember that your tattoo is considered an art, so it’s only fitting that you get one from a true master tattoo artist. Partner with NH Custom Tattoo today and have Jake ink you with a sick looking design that not only depicts you as a person, but captures your story with every stroke of the gun. It’s an investment inked on skin, and here at NH Custom Tattoo, we’re all about making your investment worth your while.

Don't settle for a black and gray tattoo that you may regret in the future. With us, we make sure we get your design concept perfectly before we proceed with the tattooing process itself. We make it a point to listen to what you want and get the design that you imagine. We’ll then create a concept that’s for your approval. Once we have the go signal, we’ll proceed with the inking process. With years of experience, and countless certifications and recognitions, Jake Custom of NH Custom tattoo is definitely the person to talk to for your next black and white tattoo.

Give us a call today to set a consultation. We want to hear your story before you get inked. We’ll run you through the process and give you ideas for the design. We’ll then set an appointment with you once the design has been approved. We’ll also give you pointers on what you should do before and after the inking process is done so you also have a better understanding of how to prepare for the session and how you can further take care of your new ink. We are located at 1338 Hooksett Road. come visit the shop to see what we’re all about. You can also give us a call or send us an email to book an appointment with us.

Don’t just get a black and gray tattoo, get one that captures your lifestyle. Get it exclusively at NH Custom Tattoo!