Black and White Tattoos that Redefine Traditional Manchester Ink

Nothing beats black and white tattoos. See, it's a kind of traditional tattoo that incorporates the essence of minimalism and simplistic beauty. Simple yet sleek, this kind of tattoo will forever be part of human culture, old and new. And if you're someone who prefers that traditional black and white design on your body, you are a person with traditional taste, and no other shop around Manchester can understand your preferences and deliver what you are looking for more than us at NH Custom Tattoo.

Our resident tattoo artist, Jake Custom, has years of experience creating monochromatic tattoos for various clients with various purposes. From the most simplistic of black and white tattoo designs to concepts that even the most experienced tattoo artists in the area would say no to, he's done it all. With such skill with the needle, you’ll be able to express your thoughts and ideas through captivating visuals marked on your body. And while it may seem as though black and white tattoos are easier to accomplish as compared to other forms of inking, it couldn’t be farther from the truth. It takes years of experience to even begin working on a black and white tattoo piece and even more years for one to master it. With Jake of NH Custom Tattoo, we got you covered. But instead of trying to convince you through our own words, we won’t. Instead, we’ll let our works speak for themselves.

For reference, you can visit our gallery page to see our accomplished projects. We can guarantee that you are going to be more than impressed at what we can deliver for you. Give us a call so we can book you an appointment and discuss your design concept before we do the actual tattoo. You can contact us at 603 833 3458. You can also utilize our contact form to send us a direct message.

Don’t just get a black and white tattoo, get one that captures your lifestyle. Get it exclusively at NH Custom Tattoo!