Expertly Made Freehand Tattoos in Manchester

Tattooing is an artform, so the art being produced should not only look good, but it has to be of the highest quality for it to be considered as true art. And there’s only a few artists in the industry who can create one without following a template or outline, and even fewer are those who have mastered the craft. Manchester’s very own Jake Custom of NH Custom Tattoo is bringing the artistry of free hand tattoos for clients who want to be inked with a statement piece that doesn't only catch the attention of people, but also tell a story. A story that’s beyond the design, but a story inked in skin. Check out what it means  to really get a tattoo. The template is out the window on this one. We’re talking about freehand tattoos.

Freehand Tattoo: What is it

Freehand tattoos are considered to be at the high end of the craft. And it’s no surprise since it does not have a template to begin with and the style itself can leave a lot of room for mistakes, especially for the untrained. It takes time and precision to pull off even the simplest of designs, even that leaves a lot of tattoo artists sweating bullets. 

But why freehand tattoos to begin with anyway? Well, it’s a way for the artist to showcase their skills and talent using the tattoo gun. If an artist flawlessly executes a design on flesh, and the community and moreover, their client is left with their mouths open in astonishment, the tattoo artist gains their right amongst the big players in the industry. As for the client, freehand tattoo is considered a bold move that adds a deeper meaning to the tattoo itself. While most people can only talk about the story behind the design, those who opted for a freehand tattoo gain the benefit of highlighting the process as well. Not only that, but much like every other artisanal product out there, it’s the subtle inconsistencies that make it a true work of art. And that’s what clients looking for a freehand tattoo are after. A piece that’s totally unique and handmade. A tattoo you can never replicate.

Who can do a freehand tattoo in Manchester?

It’s not everyday you’re able to find a tattoo artist in your area of Manchester let alone a maser tattoo artist who can execute a freehand tattoo like there was a template to begin with. With NH Custom Tattoo, you’re in for an absolute experience. Jake Custom is the leading tattoo artist in Manchester known for unrivalled designs and unquestionable skills in tattooing. While he does work with templates like most artists today, he is not one to shy away from bringing the heat when it comes to free hand tattooing. With years of experience under his belt and an impressive portfolio to match, he’s undeniable your go -to-guy for freehand tattoos that’s elegant and sick. Check out his works on our gallery to see exactly what he’s capable of creating.

We believe that the customer’s tattoo is not just another design inked on their skin. At NH Custom Tattoo, we understand that meaning behind each tattoo. And we want to elevate that further by making it more personalized with handmade strokes and brushes with the artist’s tattoo gun.

Choose The Best freehand tattoo shop in Manchester Today

Here at NH Custom Tattoo, we’ve been developing clean and detailed freehand tattoos for years. We provide freehand tattoos that will definitely blow your brains out. We are passionate about our craft, incorporating new and old techniques to make your own form of body art unique to you. Expression is what we are all about. We’re throwing out the generic concepts of tattooing and introducing to you that unique NH Custom Tattoo flavor. Like our owner and master tattoo artist always says:  don't cheat yourself, treat yourself. And that's exactly what we're all about.

When we say freehand, we mean it. There are no cheats, no traces, and no outlines. It's all about custom designs, and there's no better way to do it than freehand. This technique is ideal for the more abstract concepts that's relatively difficult to draw on paper. Rest assured that when we're done, you’ll end up with a freehand tattoo that you can definitely be proud of.


For more information about our freehand tattoos, feel free to check us out on Instagram and see for yourself the caliber of our work. We’re all about badass freehand concepts and client satisfaction. So the next time you feel like getting yourself inked by a freehand tattoo expert, make sure to give NH Custom Tattoo a ring. You can give us a call or send us an email to book an appointment.

NH Custom Tattoo: redefining freehand tattoos.