How to get the Right Tattoo

Before we dive into how to get the right tattoo, we must first understand that the word “right” is subjective and can mean different things to every person. But given the permanent nature of tattoos, the right one can be defined as something you would not regret and always cherish. As a tattoo shop operating in Machester for over 20 years, we have always made sure to provide top-class tattoos that our clients will surely love. This is why in this blog, we have prepared guidelines that will help you in choosing and getting the right tattoo.

There are so many factors that you need to consider and reconsider when getting a permanent ink art for your body. This includes the design, size, color, placement, and most especially, the significance. You also need to find a professional tattoo artist who is in the same line as you and whom you can share an understanding of what you really want. Here are the things that you need to be mindful about:


1. Your Imagination is the Limit

There is no limit to the ideas that you may have for your tattoo. Never settle on your impulses. Your tattoo will last a lifetime so you might as well take your time in choosing and thinking about what you really want. You can look at other people’s tattoos and their suggested designs for inspiration. You may take only a part of it and combine it with other parts of another tattoo. There is also no one stopping you in case you want a completely unique and original one.


2.    Brainstorm and Research

Don’t let trends or other people influence your decisions on getting a tattoo. It should be for your own sake and of 100% willingness. Although, you should also be wary of how your tattoo will be perceived across cultures. Be sure that your tattoo is not offensive and true to its meaning especially when you are having it in another language. Be sure that it is translated accurately and doesn’t have double or hidden meanings. You also need to consider the placement of the tattoo. Consult your desired tattoo with your artist to get a clearer picture of how it would turn out.


3.   Symbolism, Timeliness, and Relevance

When picking a design, choose one that you truly think is beautiful or one that has a personal meaning. But, it doesn’t always need to be that deep. Go ahead and get that animal or cartoon character that you really like. Tattooed names are also one of the most covered up tattoos making it something to avoid unless the name belongs to a family. A good thing to do is imagine 10 years into the future and ask yourself if you would still love the tattoo or feel proud of it.

At the end of the day, the best advice will still come from your tattoo artist. Communicate your vision to them because they have first-hand experience and they are the ones who really know what is up. If you want to make your tattoo process easier, partner with a professional and highly-regarded artist like Jake from NH Custom Tattoo. Take time in exploring his website at to learn more about him and his qualifications. Get access to things you need to know when having a permanent work of art etched on your skin. Call (603) 833-3458 to get in touch start creating a masterpiece.


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