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Having body piercing definitely makes you stand out in a crowd. Why? Well, it’s due to the fact that having one or two piercings is enough to give you a unique look that enhances your overall appearance. Aside from that, you’d look totally awesome sporting these bad boys! And if you’re one of those folks who always wanted to have piercings, NH Custom Tattoo can totally hook you up!

Body Piecing: More than meets the eye

Body piercing has long been part of society. Early evidence of such beauty enhancement dates back to as early as 3,300 BC. past civilizations have also practiced body piercings as a way to convey religious beliefs and status elevation. King Tut, the boy King, is known to use ear piercing to indicate royalty, a practice common with other ancient Egyptians.

People from around the world of various cultures also practiced similar forms of art. In India, nose and belly button piercings were seen to be a sign of marriage and insurance, while tribes in south Africa practice septum piercings for ritualistic purposes. Ancient south American civilizations practiced tongue piercings to reach an altered state of consciousness as evidence supports during their respective rituals.

Fast forward to today’s time and the practice of body piercing is still going strong, focused less on religious affiliation and seen more as a sign of beauty and self expression. Celebrities, Rockstar’s, and even the average civilian are seen to brandish a piece of metal or jewelry somewhere on their body to enhance their looks and feel better about themselves.

What to know about getting pierced

Getting pierced is more than just a visit to your specialist or artist and getting it done. One should be prepared when going with this ordeal to ensure that your piercing is properly done and to keep infection from occurring especially during recovery. Here’s one tip you might have overlooked. If you ‘re going for a piercing, you might want to reconsider bringing along your peers as they might send the wrong energy for you, making you back out before the procedure. If not, they might make the process a lot harder for the artist, especially if you’re not calm and collected during the session.

Another thing to consider is your aftercare regiment. At NH Custom Tattoo, our materials and equipment are always sterilized before and after the piercing session to ensure that bacteria does not contaminate the newly created hole. We also provide aftercare tips so you know how to better take care of your new piercing after the session.

Always make sure you are ready to take the leap. While some decisions are easy to revert, body piercings aren’t that easy to remove. If you’re ready to get a body piercing of your own, doing a bit of research does go a long way. There’s no rush in going for such piercings, so take your time and make sure you have all the information you need before you get pierced.

Why choose us

NH Custom Tattoo offers body piercings that come in all types and sizes to cater to all of your creative needs. May it be on your ears, nose, belly button, or even on your tongue, you can count on us to give you the unique appearance that you have always wanted. What’s more is that if you’re unsure about what kind of piercing you want, we are more than stoked to provide you with our own recommendations.

Our equipment is guaranteed to be as safe and sterilized as possible, and our resident artist is highly experienced in the field of body piercing and ensures that you experience a seamless session all the time. While other parlors and shops out there claim to be as effective as they claim to be, such procedure is better left in the hands of a true certified and trained professional. And that’s exactly what you can expect from NH Custom Tattoo.

So, if you’re looking for experts who can give you the body piercing you want, don’t hesitate to give NH Custom Tattoo a call! We are always willing to provide our customers with the services they need as well as the satisfaction that they deserve. Set an appointment with us today!