Custom Tattoo Services In Manchester And More

Most people around Manchester, particularly those who haven't gotten a tattoo yet, do not know that there is a difference between getting a tattoo and GETTING A TATTOO. One must consider that getting inked is more than just paying for a design, it’s an investment on its own. It’s a form of self-expression. A way for a person to feel good about themselves and make others know their own story. So, it’s safe to say that simply looking at photos and getting inked just won’t cut it. Now getting a custom tattoo, now that’s where it’s at. Here at NH Custom Tattoo, we’re redefining self-expression through custom tattoo designs that gives the term “self-expression” a whole new meaning.

With years of experience under his belt, our owner and resident tattoo artist Jake Custom, puts the local Manchester New Hampshire custom tattoo scene on the spot and will give you ink that simply screams badass. From piercings to traditional black and white tattoos, he makes your ink personal with a custom design that not only looks sick, but defines your story as an individual. Nothing beats the experience of getting inked. But making it worth your while is a different story altogether. Our services capture the excitement that comes with getting a tattoo and the satisfaction of knowing you are getting your money’s worth with our custom tattoo services. Check out what we have to offer for you below.

Color Tattoos

This is probably one of the most meticulous forms of body art. Dating back hundreds of years, color tattoos are considered to be one of the most beautiful and expressive forms of body art around. Our own resident tattoo artist Jake Custom, can definitely bring the fire in custom tattoos with custom tattoo designs and vivid contrast. You’re definitely in for an experience when you get inked with the color tattoo that simply screams you.


color tattoos
biomech tattoo

Biomechanical Tattoos

Into tech inspired body art? Biomechanical tattoos are definitely one you should look at. It’s a complex form of tattooing that involves the merging of 3D inspired mechanical concepts with realism. If executed well, it makes for a statement piece that not only raises eyebrows, but breaks necks as well. NH Custom Tattoo is the go-to-place for the best biomech tattoos this side of Manchester, New Hampshire. Let ‘s discuss your biomechanical tattoo concept today and let’s get you inked with a piece that’s worth the investment.


Freehand Tattoos

Only master tattoo artists can pull off a hell raising freehand tattoo worthy for cool cats like you. A keen attention to detail, steady hands, unrivaled creativity, and years upon years of experience is what it takes to give clients such as yourself the artwork that screams beauty and uniqueness. luckily, you got Manchester’s best master tattoo artist to provide you with a one-of-a-kind tattoo design that captures your very person. From simple, straightforward designs, full one tattoo artwork, we got the stripes to make it happen.


freehand tattoos
black and white tattoo

Black and White

More than just a tattoo, black and white tattoos is steeped in tradition. Cultures all over the world practice this form of tattoo art for thousands of years, arguably dating back to ancient times. Revered by societies across the world to be a form of tattooing in its purest form, you do NOT want to miss out of having a piece you can definitely call your own. But not every black and white tattoo can be called something done by a true professional. In reality, only a few can pull off a design that’s worth showing off. At NH Custom Tattoo, we’re bringing world-class black and white tattoos on the spotlight right here in Manchester. Regardless of complexity, our resident tattoo artist can ink you with a design that you can be proud about.



Body piercing has come a long way from being something looked down upon to being considered a form of expression in today’s society. From the average joe to celebrities, body art is seen as a form of self-expression as it is a status or cultural symbol. And you definitely look banging with your own body piercing. Get started with our piercing service and elevate your level of confidence. Our piercing methods are as sophisticated and fast as they are sanitized and safe.



Our Process: Manchester’s Most Reputable Custom Tattoo Services

For those opting for a free hand tattoo design, we highly recommend you give us a call so we can book an appointment for an initial consultation regarding your desired tattoo before the actual inking process. We care about why you want your tattoo and want to know your story of getting your tattoo. We’ll come up with a design that captures your story and show you our own design for approval. Only when you give the confirmation will we proceed with the next process.

Please do take note that appointments will be based on the availability of the artist and the people. We recommend you book an appointment at least a week in advance to book a schedule. We would require an initial down payment to secure your session with us. Don’t fret, because by the time we’re done, your custom tattoo is definitely more than worth it!

Manchester’s Most Reputable Custom Tattoo Services

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