Tattoo Preparation

Before Getting A Tattoo, Follow This Checklist We Prepared for Those About To Get Inked

Make sure to get as much sleep as possible 48 hours before your tattoo appointment. Remember, dehydrated skin as a result of lack of sleep wouldn’t be able to hold the tattoo well.

Your skin needs to be as clean as possible! Make sure that you shower before your appointment and wear clothing that will not irritate the skin.

Reschedule if you have a sunburn or if you are sick. You should be on top of your game before you get inked. This is to ensure you don’t have any complications after the tattoo session.

Alcohol is definitely out of the question. You see, blood thins out when alcohol is present within the body. If you get your tattoo with a decent amount of alcohol in your bloodstream, you run the risk of excessive bleeding.

If you got a tan prior to preparing for a tattoo, make sure to moisturize your skin. Getting a tattoo with dehydrated skin would only make the experience a lot more painful and the process itself would only damage the skin even further if the skin is dehydrated. Reschedule if you have a sunburn.

Drink lots of water and eat meals packed with carbs and sugar. Food that’s rich in vitamin C is perfect because they aid in tissue repair. Sugar and carbs trigger dopamine and serotonin production, giving you that needed boost, especially during long tattoo sessions.

Understanding your pain tolerance will not only help ready your body but also prepare your mind for the pain that getting inked would bring. Before your tattoo session, we recommend that you meditate and focus on controlled breathing. We also recommend you bring a friend who can help take your mind of the session itself.

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