Tattoo Preparation:

To prepare for your tattoo, be sure to find as many of your favorite reference photos for your tattoo, prior to your appointment, to show the artist. Be sure that 48 hours before your tattoo appointment, you follow these specific rules, to ensure optimal health for your body, so the tattoo experience will be a lot easier for you. Sleep as much as possible, eat a lot of food, and do not drink any alcohol or do drugs. Also be sure to avoid tanning, getting a sunburn, or weight lifting, to prevent any damage to the skin. The day of your tattoo appointment, shower, and shave the area for your tattoo if need be, exfoliating your skin after. Eating extra carbs and sugar the day of your tattoo, is the most important, to boost your blood glucose levels. Even pack some snacks and sugary drinks with you if you’re planning a long session. However, NO caffeine! This is very important. You want to be very relaxed during the process, and not stimulating your nervous system in any way. Don’t forget to wear loose clothing that is dark, in case ink gets on it. Wear clothing that is accessible to the placement of your tattoo. Make sure to plan plenty of time for your tattoo, and plan on taking a day or two off to rest in bed after your tattoo. Take some ibuprofen if you’d like, and stay as hydrated as possible. If you are sick or injured suddenly before your appointment, please contact asap to reschedule. Last but not least, please be sure to bring cash only, as NH Custom Tattoo is only accepting cash at this time. Bring however much you can afford and we will work with your budget. There is even an ATM across the street from our parlor. Thank you!

Tattoo After Care:

Healing a tattoo is just like healing any injury or open wound, yet you want to pull the pigment of the ink in and not out. Right after getting your tattoo, you do not want to put any ointment on it for the first day. You will want to wash it however. First wash your hands before touching your tattoo, and remove any rings/jewelry you’re wearing. Wash your tattoo in hot water with mild anti-bacterial soap. Do not use any cloths or shower loofahs on your tattoo! Just use your hands, and gently massage your skin; rinsing thoroughly. Then, squeeze your tattoo dry with clean, dry paper towels. This compression to the wound will stop discharge of bodily fluids and prevent scabbing. Do NOT use a cloth towel on your healing tattoo; only clean paper towels. Remember RICE: Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation. You will need to rest a lot, take a couple days off just to do so. While resting, ice it as much as possible. Take some ibuprofen and vitamins and stay very hydrated. Make sure to eat a lot too because your body is repairing an injury. Don’t forget to have nice clean sheets on your bed and only wear loose clean clothing if you have to. Preferably you will want to air it out as much as possible. Avoid any pet hair or other cross contamination to your open wound, and do not use perfumes on it either. Also, don’t exercise for 3 weeks if possible, but a minimum of at least 4 days. Working out will increase swelling, bleeding, and sweat, which will push the ink out of your skin. Most importantly, do NOT expose your tattoo to sun, ever if possible. But definitely for the first month. The sun will fade and spread the ink in your skin, destroying your tattoo. So be sure to cover it if you go outside, and do not apply sunscreen lotion to it during the healing process. You will not need to wrap or bandage your tattoo either, just let it air out. Also, please be sure to avoid going swimming or sitting in a tub. Only running water from your shower is okay for your tattoo during the healing.

Second to fourth day of your healing process: Follow the same directions previously stated, but you will need to put ointment on your tattoo after washing it and squeezing it dry. Apply Ink Fix ointment (sold at NH Custom Tattoo parlor) to your tattoo, with just a splash of cool water to make it easier for you to gently massage into your skin. You do not want to use too much ointment to where your tattoo looks wet, greasy, and shiny. Too much ointment may feel nice, but it’s bad for the healing process; it will fade your tattoo. If you accidentally use too much, just dab off the excess with a clean paper towel. Be sure you’re still icing it afterwards. You’re going to want to do this process 3x a day for the first few days.

The fourth day to 3 weeks, same rules apply. Except now you’re going to want to switch to Ink Fix lotion (also sold at NH Custom Tattoo parlor) instead of using the ointment. You can now apply lotion without washing and squeezing process, and do it 2-5x a day, depending on the dryness of your skin. Do not use too much lotion still, just a thin layer of it with a splash of water is enough.

You’re going to realize your tattoo may start to peel and flake, or feel itchy, and possible scab some. The skin surrounding your tattoo may be irritated and have a rash. This is all normal and will go away with the proper aftercare executed and patience. Full healing takes about 3 weeks until your skin looks normal and the tattoo brightens up in color. Until then, your tattoo will look its worst for a couple weeks due to the healing process. Everything will be okay. But do NOT pick, scratch, or rub at it, because it will rip the ink out of your skin. Any questions? Contact us please! Thank you.