What Is CBD Oil And What Are Its Benefits? Read This to Find Out!


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In this generation, vaping has reached new heights in terms of worldwide usage and overall popularity. This is mainly because of its function as a safer alternative to traditional tobacco products especially for adult smokers who are seeking to quit the habit. As a result, there are countless shops all across the United States that provide vaping products, as well as its various modifications and different juices.

But did you know that vape pens and e cigs are not only used to quit smoking? In fact, these are used by many people in the city of Manchester, NH in administering a very popular type of alternative medicine today to bolster their health: CBD Oil.

But what exactly is this unconventional kind of remedy that has taken the world by storm? How can it help mankind battle illnesses and diseases? And what are the different benefits provided by CBD oil vaping to the members of society? Let’s find out.

What does CBD do and where does CBD oil come from?

CBD or cannabidiol is one among the hundreds of active compound constituents found in Cannabis. Now, there are two subtypes of this herb, namely Cannabis Sativa (industrial hemp) and Cannabis Indica (marijuana). While both of these contain cannabidiol, hemp extract is a more common source of the chemical because it has a higher concentration of the said compound and much less of its addictive counterpart, Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), compared to marijuana.

After being derived from the said herb as a highly concentrated liquid, it is then refined into CBD vape oil which is commonly used with vaporizers (otherwise known as vape). Because of that fact, many people from cities such as Manchester, New Hampshire easily assume that CBD oil can get you high and that it is highly addictive. But can you really get addicted to CBD?

Well, no, that possibility is highly unlikely. While cannabis does have compounds that produce such effects, just like THC, CBD isn’t what you expect it to be. In fact, it has an anti-addictive properties, which helps in resolving problems with drugs and chemicals such as heroin and cocaine.

While it still has an effect on the brain, CBD doesn’t cause dependency the way THC would. After all, the human body actually already has its own inherent CBD, and it couldn’t get addicted to a chemical that’s already part of it to begin with. The CBD from hemp only directs these inherent chemicals to be utilized more, and they all work to help both the body and the brain without attaching themselves to any chemical receptors (which is the cause of addiction).

So, do CBD oils work without THC? From the previous point, you can already tell that the two compounds can be used separately from one another. And CBD can be isolated from THC so that it can be utilized safely without the risk of dependency. In fact, this non-addictive vape additive has tons of uses that make vaping products somehow beneficial to an individual’s health.

What are the benefits of CBD oil?

One of the most highlighted uses of CBD oil is for pain relief and alleviating inflammation. The cannabis plant is already known for this use, after all, and CBD has become a much better alternative than medical marijuana thanks to the fact that it’s not addictive.

Another use of CBD oil is for anxiety and depression. It’s true that CBD won’t give any individual a high, but it still has altering effects on the mind. A study conducted on animals back in 2015 has found that CBD has calming effects when taken in low dosages, leading to reduced anxiety. And it was further evaluated and proven this 2019 during a study conducted on men.

Aside from these effects, people also often ask, “Can CBD oil lower blood pressure?” And if you’re one of these individuals who suffer from high blood pressure, then you’ll be thrilled to know that there is indeed a tremendous help from CBD oil; blood pressure is almost always directly connected to stress levels, after all. And thanks to this chemical’s anti-anxiety effects, it can also help to lower stress levels — which in turn helps immensely in balancing blood pressure and keeping an individual free of hypertension.

And since CBD oil does not contain THC, it is not a prescription medication and it is legally and easily obtainable in most states because of its relatively THC-free nature. This is especially true for Manchester and the entire state of New Hampshire. And despite ongoing inquiries from the US Food and Drug Administration regarding the product, you can still purchase it freely in dispensaries that sell CBD oil near you.

Can you fail a drug test due to CBD?

When it comes to drug screening and testing, these types of alternative medicines should not lead you to a false positive reading provided that you are using pure CBD oil. But because it is a relatively new type of remedy, the regulations surrounding the product are yet to be strictly enforced.

This is especially true since there may be some CBD oil side effects that are not yet fully explored as of the moment. So, just like all other medicines, it should be used with caution and you should see to it that the company that you’re buying from is legitimate.

As you can see, CBD oils can do a lot of wonders for you and your overall health. For one, it is more natural than the artificially-created medicine sold in your local Manchester pharmacy. And although it may not be as proven in comparison to traditional medicine, it has its own benefits that make it stand out from the pills and tablets inside your medicine cabinet.

Of course, whenever you buy CBD oil, you should always see to it that the product is as legitimate as the company that is selling it.

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