Freehand Tattoos Perfected! Get it straight from Manchester’s Illest Tattoo Artist!

If you are looking for freehand tattoo artist around Manchester, then you are in luck. Here at NH custom tattoo we provide wicked freehand tattoos that will definitely blow your brains out. We are passionate about our craft, incorporating new and old techniques to give your body art that's unique to you

Expression is what we are all about. We’re throwing out the generic concepts of tattooing and introducing to you that unique NH custom tattoo flavor. Like our owner and master tattoo artist always says:  don't cheat yourself, treat yourself. And that's exactly what we're all about.

When we say freehand, we mean it. There are no cheats, no traces, and no outlines. It's all about custom designs, and there's no better way to do it than freehand. This technique is ideal for the more abstract concepts that's relatively difficult to draw on paper. Rest assured that when we're done, you’ll end up with a piece of art that you’ll definitely be proud of.

For more information about our freehand tattoos, feel free to check us out on Instagram and see for yourself the caliber of our work. We’re all about badass concepts and client satisfaction. So the next time you feel like getting yourself inked by a freehand tattoo expert, make sure to give NH Custom Tattoo a ring. You can also send us an email.

NH Custom Tattoo: bringing the CUSTOM in custom Manchester tattoos.