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If you want to experience the magic that we bring to our customers, then give us a call to set a tattoo appointment today! Since NH Custom Tattoo opened its doors to the residents of Manchester, NH, we have always delivered quality ink and unrivaled results. But of course, it would be better if we let our past customers do the convincing. So, go ahead and scroll down below to hear what our previous clients have to say about us.

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NH Custom Tattoo
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 26 reviews
 by Joshua Lessard

Jake is an amazing, custom, one of a kind artist. He takes pride in his work and it shows. His shop is top notch and very welcoming. Highly recommend this talented tattoo artist.

 by Megan Perkins

Jake is the man!!! I won’t go ANYWHERE else for my unique, custom body art!! I have LOVED everything he’s done for me and all my friends

 by Rob Clements

Jake is one of the most talented artist I’ve seen in many years. As a former licensed artist for over 20 years with over 25 years in the industry. I highly recommend Jake custom tattoo. Cannot wait to get my new sleeve.

 by Tim L.

My girl and I stopped In Late Sat. night on such short notice Jake SQueeZed Her Right In For A Much Needed Touch Up! Jake Did An Excellant job With Not Much to Go on But A Few Ideas in Mind The Two Were able to come up With a Perfect Sketch together and He Put his Skills to work and Layed down Beautiful art work.

Great Job at a great Price!

Jakes Custom Tattoo

 by Lauren N.

I have to take time to write a review on this place. I don’t usually write reviews but this place deserves one. Jake is did a amazing Job of helping me take me tattoo that I couldn’t stand to look at into a amazing piece of work that I will love to look at for the rest of my life. He is truly a pleasure to work with. He took every detail and picture I had in mind and made me a custom tattoo that would be the best coverup. The shop is awesome you feel so comfortable. The abundance of movies to watch on the big screen to a awesome music selection. He makes sure you feel comfortable. Free candy and soda even though I braught my own stash to get me trough the 8 hours of a amazing back tattoo. I can’t wait to get back and finish my piece. I will allways recommend this place to anyone who wants a amazing tattoo. I’m glad I did my research and found this place for my coverup. You deff don’t feel like your just a number like other tattoo places.

 by Tennayeh B.

Just got tattooed for the THIRD time by Jake and he didn’t disappoint. The piece was high quality, custom art and I’m so pleased with the results. The only difference was his new shop. Normally I admit, I struggle through the tattoo process. But this time I didnt. Why? A few reasons. First, Jake is a super personable guy and makes you very comfortable in terms of conversation, etc. Second, the shop is large enough that you’re not feeling like you’re stuck in a closet with the artist, as in some other shops. The ventilation, air flow, and fans keep you cool and comfortable. He sets the music to your choice, has flat screen TVs to watch, candy and gum for snacking, and the the place is beautifully decorated and CLEAN. Lastly, he offered me a product to lessen the pain of the tattoo. I still felt it for sure, but it DEFINITELY made the experience better and I highly recommend using it if pain is preventing you from getting some art of your own. If it’s your first tattoo or the last available space on your body, I recommend Jake WITHOUT hesitation. You won’t be disappointed.

 by Rachael H.

Jake was amazing. He listened to what I wanted but also offered his insight. He gave me my four furbabies footprints, he made them all different sizes and styles(I never thought of this but he said no two footprints are the same!) He made sure I was comfortable the entire time, from the moment I walked in the door until the time I left. I will absolutely be returning for more tattoos and will recommend him to anyone looking to get one!!

 by Sarah B.

So Jake is an amazing tattoo artist I heard about him through a friend and draws your tattoo on your skin and because he has such a steady hand and wonderful art skills it’ll come out amazing every time he recently moved shops so now he owns his own place and it’s much more open and welcoming hes always willing to work with you and he did this small memorial tattoo for my dog I found the picture of what I wanted online and he made adjustments to make it more legible and this wasn’t my first tattoo but I got really hot in the middle of the tattoo (has never happened to me before) but I’m almost happy it did because now I can tell you that he stopped right away got a fan on me I felt like I was gonna throw up for a minute I went to the bathroom and splashed cold water on my face and when I came out he was right there he gave me a couple pieces of candy get my blood sugar up and made sure I was 100% before starting up again he was more concerned about how I was feeling than anything else which I have seen some tattoo artists who rush you back into the chair to finish it up and they get little aggravated if they need to stop some people might say he’s a bit on the pricier side of tattooing but let me tell you a quality tattoo from Jake is well worth the money you put into it he’s experienced and he does everything he can to make sure you get what you want and that it’s perfect if you are looking for your 1st tattoo or even just wanting an experienced tattoo artist to do a big piece his prices are reasonable for the quality work he does. He is a good person and wife is pretty amazing too from the couple times I’ve met with them and I would recommend anyone to go to him.

 by Jake C.

Amazing fast, light handed, freehand, or your design , custom true artist. Listens does exactly what you want dream custom tattoo. Clean, friendly, affordable

 by Manique C.

My Fiancé and I looked for weeks for a tattoo artist who could take his freehand drawing honoring his mother and father’s passings and turn it into a tattoo. We searched the web, we drove around, we asked friends and were yet to be impressed by the artists we met. We were looking for an artist that made us feel comfortable and appreciated along with being professional and sanitary. We are proud to say that we found our artist! We met with Jake one evening and discussed the piece Ben wanted, pricing, and scheduled his session. When we went back for the appointment Jake brought us back to his space. Although the parlor was small and filled with other artists, Jake’s area was clean and spacious. Jake did a great job explaining how he works and had great ideas of how to fit Ben’s drawing to the area he wanted it so the entire piece could be seen. He thoroughly explained the tools he was going to use and his sanitary procedures to include showing us a sealed package containing the needle to be used, which to us was very reassuring. I am very choosy of where I spend my money for the services I seek. When it comes to putting something permanent on your body, you want to make DAMN sure your artist knows what they are doing and can deliver a quality piece. Jake made us more comfortable by playing music we enjoy, offered us cold beverages, and even let us order pizza during the 5 1/2 hr session as well as making good conversation and sharing great laughs. Jake made us feel like we were more than just clients, and thats exactly what we were looking for!! I look forward to visiting his new parlor to discuss my new piece very soon!! Thanks Jake!!

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