Master Tattoo Artist Hailing From Manchester, NH

When it comes to tattoos, no one in the game can get a totally unique and kickass ink in Manchester other than NH Custom Tattoo and its founder, owner, and resident tattoo artist, Jake Custom. He’s got the skills and passion to make works of art that you would definitely want to show off to anyone and everyone.

Jake began his journey in the field of custom tattoos and ink art back in 1999 when he got an apprenticeship at a tattoo shop. He tirelessly worked his way to learn the ways of the ink until he eventually got his license as a bonafide tattoo artist.

But the learning didn’t stop there. Being a man of passion in his craft, Jake set off to hone his skills in freehand tattooing. The style itself – a difficult skill to master – is what some artists considered the epitome of body art, using nothing but their hands and their imagination to create hellraising works of art. Jake saw this as an opportunity to go beyond being just a skilled tattoo artist and become a true master in the craft, and so he painstakingly trained to have it under his belt. Thanks in part to his steady hands, light touch, and fast strokes, he has been able to learn the field of freehand and excel at it like no other artist in the industry has. Hungry for more, Mr. Custom set off for continued education and joined countless seminars and courses on advanced tattooing techniques to define him from the rest of the tattoo artists in the game.

With the growing community of tattoo artists and the artform itself being more and more accepted by mainstream society, it has given Jake the leverage to become an influential figure in the industry. He has appeared as a judge in multiple tattoo conventions across the country. He, as well as his artwork, was featured in the hit TV show Pimp My Tattoo! These, and all other exposures have given him the jumpstart needed to launch NH Custom Tattoo.

Not only is he good at what he does, but he also makes sure that his art does not negatively affect his clients. He makes it a point to understand his clients’ story and emotional connection to their chosen design, this helps him create a piece that totally captures the clients’ purpose for getting inked.

He has multiple certifications such as the bloodborne pathogen, first aid, CPR, and prevention disease transmission, ensuring that both walk-in clients and those who booked an appointment can be confident that the tools and procedures he uses are 100% safe and 101% effective. When you get your body inked or pierced by NH Custom Tattoo, Jake also offers personal aftercare tips which sees to it that your ink will look beautiful for years to come. He’s also one of only a few tattoo artists in Manchester, New Hampshire to shell out sick merch like custom shirts, vape gear, as well as their own organic craft soda line to complement your kickass ink! Wicked tats, sick custom shirts, quenched thirst, and cloud chasing gear…what more could you ask for? So, check out what the shop has to offer!

If you’ve decided to get a tattoo around Manchester, drop by NH Custom Tattoo and have Jake fix you up with a radical design that just screams awesomeness. Give us a call today or send us an email to book an appointment with Manchester’s finest tattoo artist. Follow us on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube and check out what’s in store for you when you choose us!

NH Custom Tattoo: We create more than just tattoos, we create lifestyles.